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Featured Course. Asphalt Paving 101. Available until. Teach your entire crew everything it takes to pave a perfect mat. Asphalt Pro. %. COMPLETE. $599.

Top Quality Paving

John is currently the owner of Top Quality Paving and Training (T.Q.P.) which specializes in best practice and getting back to the basics for the asphalt industry. T.Q.P. is a training and consulting firm utilizing video and hands-on presentations detailing success in developing and implementing employee training programs .


of asphalt binder in the mix. For our purposes, it is the amount of asphalt binder that effectively forms a bonding film on the aggregate surfaces. Air Voids -Air voids are small pockets of air between the coated aggregate particles in the final compacted mix. The durability of a hot mix asphalt pavement is a function of the air void content.

Asphalt Safety Training Program

Asphalt Safety Training Program Introduction Asphalt is a strong adhesive . used for road paving, roofing tar, roll-roofing, roofing felt, shingles, pipe covering, floor tile, waterproofing, and many . other products and processes. Asphalt is a dark brown or . black substance derived from

Standard Workshop Information | CALS

Asphalt Paving Principles A Road Master qualified course. ... Links to Videos; ... Aimed at the folks doing the training of the flaggers, this one day workshop trains those who train the flaggers as well as the crew leaders who will be working with the flaggers. …

Asphalt Training Schools in 2020 | AsphaltPro Magazine

In the classroom, they can learn the theory, the what and the why behind paving (and rolling). Knowing the reasons for setting the depth crank, the paving speed, the paving width and so on plays a part in developing a top quality worker. Check out our online, video-based training course, Asphalt Paving 101.

Washington Asphalt Pavement Association

Asphalt Pavements Perform! APA & FHWA Videos. Posted by Dave Gent on May 2, 2019. When it comes to flexibility, asphalt pavements provide Performance for a Lifetime. Watch this quick APA video highlighting the sustainability, innovation, value and flexibility of today's asphalt...

NCAT Launches Asphalt Training Video ... - AsphaltPro Magazine

The National Center for Asphalt Technology (NCAT) has launched a new video series on its YouTube channel. Training in Your Pocket introduces asphalt topics and testing methods in a quick, easy to understand format. Check out NCAT's launch video below: The videos are to be released bi-weekly on NCAT's YouTube channel.

Welcome to Asphalt Paving 101 | Asphalt Pro

Welcome to Asphalt Paving 101 (3:56) Module 1 ... AsphaltPro has a Monday morning email blast with a quick training tip you can use for free. After your morning toolbox talk, you'll need to lay out and measure the work area. You need to know the length and width of the job, as well as the thickness of the mat.

Videos | The Maryland Asphalt Association, Inc.

Maryland Excellence in Paving Awards; Join MAA. Member Directory; Education. Asphalt Field Technician Training; Superpave Levels I & II; Videos; Events. Paving Conference. 58th Annual MAA Paving Conference; 58th Annual Paving Conference Sponsor and Exhibitor Registration; Past Conferences. 57th Annual MAA Paving Conference; 56th Annual MAA ...

Recorded Webinars - Asphalt Institute

Learning System All training offerings have now been moved to our new Learning System! Visit the Asphalt Academy Learning System Today! Click the login button in the upper right corner, then click the SSO button to sign in using the same credentials that you have used before on this website. Be sure to confirm accessibility … Continue reading Recorded Webinars

The ABCs of asphalt paving | Roads & Bridges

The ABCs of asphalt paving. Tara VanTimmeren / May 11, 2009. There is a slight parallelism between the state of our country today and in 1956, when President Dwight D. Eisenhower signed landmark legislation intended to shore up the nation's defense and strengthen business and trade. The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, also referred to as the ...

Videos | Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association

Asphalt Pavement 101: Roundtable – Understanding Asphalt Paving Operations On-Demand Webinar. Watch the webinar on-demand and find other resources related to the asphalt paving process. READ MORE.

Live & Online Training - Asphalt Institute

The Asphalt Institute (AI) is available for customized training either at your facility or at AI headquarters in Lexington, Kentucky. From hands-on training to presentations for your sales staff, AI is qualified to handle a broad range of industry training topics. Learning at your own facility has its advantages – training on your own ...

Asphalt - APAI

Asphalt Paving Association of Iowa Wins National Award for Outstanding Website Asphalt Comprehensive Training (ACT) Program Visits Pine Bend Refinery APAI Summer Meeting 2017 "Some Like …

Join MAA | The Maryland Asphalt Association, Inc.

The Maryland Asphalt Association conducts a Paving Conference each spring to bring together asphalt producers and contractors, SHA, FHWA, county and local municipal employees, engineering and consulting firms, and various industry experts. Yearly highlights include awards for projects from around the state, safety and technology transfer ...

Training - Asphalt Institute

Decades of expertise are represented in our Asphalt Institute seminars, webinars and training materials. We are dedicated to teaching best practices for testing, design and application of asphalt in the paving and roofing industries. Recorded Webinars Live & Online Training Store Download the Latest Asphalt Academy Brochure Specialized Live Online & In-Person Courses

How to Protect Paving Operators and Ground Crews ...

The larger the paving job, the more likely there may be a paving train present—a line of equipment and workers often working next to live traffic. These configurations carry with them unique safety concerns for managers, but individually, each piece also has its own safety challenges that can be mitigated by proper operation and maintenance, as well as by a properly trained and equipped crew.

Inspection | Michigan Local Technical Assistance Program

A 4 video training series covering the work methods used by highway construction personnel who inspect hot mix asphalt paving operations. The overall objective of this series is to help both new and experienced inspectors in performing the duties and responsibilities necessary for ensuring that quality HMA pavements are constructed for the state of Michigan.

Training & Education - National Asphalt Pavement Association

Training employees shows them that you appreciate their contributions and that your company is investing in their future. Research shows that workers with engaged managers stay with their company and are more productive. NAPA offers many training opportunities to enhance your knowledge of the asphalt industry.

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Inspection (Parts 3 and 4): Paving ...

A 4 video training series covering the work methods used by highway construction personnel who inspect hot mix asphalt paving operations. The overall objective of this series is to help both new and experienced inspectors in performing the duties and responsibilities necessary for ensuring that quality HMA pavements are constructed for the state of Michigan.

Asphalt Paving 101: What Does a Laborer Do on the Paving ...

to Asphalt Paving 101. In this video--a part of Module 1--we will teach you what the laborer is...

Paving Training | |

Operations Training. This structured four-and-a-half day course emphasizes the fundamentals of asphalt paving, then moves into more advanced paving techniques. Attendees spend two hours each day in the classroom, then get six hours of hands-on training at a paving demo site.

National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) - National ...

The National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) is the only trade association that exclusively represents the interests of the asphalt producer/contractor on the national level with Congress, government agencies, and other national trade and business organizations. NAPA supports an active research program designed to improve the quality of ...

How Operator Training Impacts Asphalt Compaction ...

"Roller operators need to understand their important role in the paving process, as compaction is the last step in laying down a quality pavement," Eric …

CTQP | Asphalt Testing Solutions & Engineering

Asphalt Paving Levels 1 & 2; Asphalt Plant Levels 1 & 2; Asphalt QC Manager We have two different training facilities available to support the requirements of the CDC guidelines for social distancing, and we can also provide private classes and/or challenge exams at your facility as long as you can provide a space that adheres to the CDC guidelines for social distancing.

Videos - National Asphalt Pavement Association

NAPA and the Asphalt Pavement Alliance create many engaging videos to showcase the benefits of asphalt pavements. Fun and engaging, these videos educate road owners and the public about highway funding, safety, and engineering.

Penn State Engineering: Asphalt Course Training Resources

Asphalt Course Training Resources Density and Durability: When striving to make asphalt more durable, research and lessons learned show that density is an important factor. This video talks about several keys to achieving proper asphalt pavement density, as well as new technologies that are moving the asphalt industry forward.

Hot Mix Asphalt Paving Operations - Aggregate Classes ...

Anyone that has previously completed the HMA Paving Operations course will be allowed to register and complete the HMA Paving Operations recertification training. MDOT HMA (Bituminous) Paving or Michigan HMA (Bituminous) Paving Operations certification is a requirement for the prequalification category of Construction Inspection: HMA Pavement .

INDOT Training Program Manuals - Asphalt Pavement ...

INDOT Training Program Manuals. INDOT Certified Asphalt Technician (ICAT) Program This course, presented by APAI in partnership with INDOT, is designed to give participants a working knowledge of the principles associated with testing and controlling asphalt mixtures and aggregate properties.

Perfect Asphalt Roller Operation | For Construction Pros

The paver operator, the paving mix, even the distance from the asphalt plant to the jobsite all play a role in achieving optimum mat density. But …

Committee Members & Staff | The Maryland Asphalt ...

The Asphalt Quality Team is a group of technically-oriented MAA members, MDOT SHA leaders, and other organization leaders who address technical issues in the asphalt industry. Chandra Akisetty - Co-Chairman. Marshall Klinefelter - Co-Chairman. For more information, contact Marshall Klinefelter.

Asphalt Paving 101 Online Course | AsphaltPro Magazine ...

Training is key to improve safety, uptime and quality on your asphalt paving jobs. In fact, an effective training program can improve your bottom line up to 10 percent a year! Equip your crew with the knowledge they need to succeed. Check out our upcoming course, Asphalt Paving 101.