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O-Ring Size Chart for U.S. & Metric Standard Sizes

The proper o-ring size is a fundamental aspect of proper o-ring performance. Whether your application conforms to U.S., Japanese JIS, British BS, or Common Metric sizing for o-rings, these o-ring size charts will help you locate the right o-ring size. If the o-ring, quad-ring, x-ring or square-ring you need doesn't fit these standards, custom ...

Common Metric O-Rings Sizes - O-Ring Suppliers Kalrez ...

Common Metric O-Rings Sizes Tolerances var y by use, please see our tolerance pages. Thousands of non-standard sizes are available in stock or can be made within a few weeks typically without tooling fees so no need to settle for a less than optimal fit. Size CS (IN) ID (IN) OD (IN) CS (MM) ID (MM) OD (MM) 0.5X1.3 0.020 0.051 0.091 0.50 1.30 2.30

O-Ring Groove Design Standard AS568B - Seal & Design, Inc

AS568B STANDARD O-RING GROOVE DESIGN Contact Us For Assistance Or Samples Click Here and contact us today to receive a quote or if you have any questions regarding sizing. × Dismiss alert The three main types of standard groove designs are Industrial Static also called Radial, Industrial Reciprocating also called Dynamic, and Face Seals also […]

Download O-Ring Sizes Metric and Standard Chart

Metric O-Ring Size and Standard Sizes Chart (PDF) O-Ring Standard Size (AS 568A) O-Ring Standard Size (BS 4518) O-Ring Standard Size (GB/T 3452.1) O-Ring Standard Size (JIS B 2401) O-Ring Standard Size (Metric) O-Ring Standard Size (Swedish SMS 1586) X-Ring Standard Size. Back-up Ring Standard Size.

ERIKS - Technical Manual - O-Ring Gland Design Information

sure act on the O-ring in the same direction. Groove design can reduce the tendency for extrusion. See figures 1-32 a & b. If the friction of the moving metal sur-face across the O-ring is in the same direction as the direction of the pres-sure, the O-ring will be dragged into the clearance gap more readily and thus extrude at about 35% of the

International ORing Standard

O-Ring Standard Cross Reference 2 Shortly after O-Rings first came into common use, it became obvious that standards for O-Ring sizes, toler-ances, and groove design would be beneficial. The first standards were issued in 1942. Since then various government and engineering organizations have produced a multitude of O-Ring standards.

Bay Seal Company O-Ring Reference Guide Face Seal Gland ...

These dimensions are intended primarily for face type seals and low temperature applications. W L G R O-Ring O-Ring Groove Width Size Cross Section Gland Squeeze Vacuum Groove No. Nominal Actual Depth Actual % Liquids and Gases Radius -004 .050 .013 19 .101 .084 .005 ...

Oil Seal Dimension Chart

sizing charts for o rings metric o rings quad rings x rings and square rings to find the perfect fit engineers are available to assist with o ring size charts o ring material selection and groove design when youre ready to order o rings, custom made oil seal sizes eriks is a developer and designer for innovative solutions for rubber seals we ...

O Ring Seals - Roy Mech

BS 4518:1982 Specification for metric dimensions of toroidal sealing rings ('O'-rings) and their housings Section sizes according to this standard include: 1.6mm, 2.4mm, 3.0mm, 4.1mm, 5.7mm, 8.4mm. O-Ring Reference Number. According to BS4518 the O-Ring reference number =

ERIKS O-Ring Calculator

info Free Groove Volume (%) info O-Ring Inner Diameter Stretch (%) info Groove Depth incl. Gap (mm) info Sealing Gap (mm) Calculated Values at Excentrical Position of Rod: O-Ring Compression (%) Groove Depth incl. Gap (mm) Sealing Gap (mm) With an …

Parker O-Ring Handbook

on O-ring drive belts and their application will be found in O-Ring Applications, Section III. 1.2 What is an O-Ring Seal? An O-ring seal is used to prevent the loss of a fl uid or gas. The seal assembly consists of an elastomer O-ring and a gland. An O-ring is a circular cross-section ring molded from rubber (Figure 1 …

O-rings and back-up rings | SKF | SKF

The size lists for both are provided in inch and metric sizes. If applicable the unique dash-numbers for O-ring sizes in accordance with standards AS586:2012 and ISO 3601:2012 are also listed here. SKF provides O-rings in metric (→Size list [pdf]) and inch sizes (→Size list [pdf]).

ISO 3601 Metric Size O-Rings - Apple Rubber

dimensions of o-rings in one ordering number. How to Determine O-Ring Size* For Sequence in Ordering: 1 Size (catalog number) 2 Durometer and material 3 Quantity Example: 110 – 70SLR – 10,000 (size – durometer, material and color – quantity) Outside diameter (O.D.) is for reference only. O-Rings are specified by I.D. and cross section.

ANSI (Inch) Retaining Rings - American Metric Inc, Online ...

American Metric ® Corporation Ametric ® GROUP: 162 ANSI (Inch) Retaining Rings Internal-----.240.250 1050 1220 1980 2460

British Metric O Rings - BS4518 Cross Sections: 1.6mm / 2 ...

British Metric O Rings - BS4518 Cross Sections: 1.6mm / 2.4mm / 3mm / 5.7mm / 8.4mm 2.4mm Cross Section +/-0.08mm BS4518 Ref. Size Ref. Inside Diameter

Metric O Ring Groove Design Guide -

All dimensions are poor service repair with metric o ring groove design guide, and hoses that virtually rings are fitted in. Find this opportunity for measuring tape meaasure or installations are available in the ring would have clicked a critical operating

O-Ring Reference: AS568 Sizes - All Seals Inc

in specifying O-ring and groove dimensions for static applications with pressures less than 1500 psi. The guidelines are for the nominal condition. The minimum and maximum conditions should also be checked. This requires looking at the dimensionally largest possible O-ring in the smallest possible groove (i.e., at the hard-


specifying O-ring and groove dimensions for static applica-tions with pressures less than 1500 psi. The guidelines are for the nominal condition. The minimum and maximum conditions should also be checked. This requires looking at the dimensionally largest possible O-ring

Technical Handbook O-rings 14. O-ring Size Charts

14. O-ring Size Charts Note: The AS O-ring Size Chart has a column that shows the Nominal Size along-side the Actual Size. Originally the nominal size was just for a listing of the approximate fractional dimensions of the O-ring. Prior to the common use of dial calipers many people called out a 1 inch by 1-1/4 rt = O-ring, this was a dash -214 ...


size metric drilled bolt holes metric tapped bolt holes 8 8.5 mm m8 x 1.25 12 10.5 mm m10 x 1.50 16 12.5 mm m12 x 1.75 20 12.5 mm m12 x 1.75 24 16.5 mm m16 x 2.00 32 21 mm m20 x 2.50 40 25 mm m24 x 3.00 48 31 mm m30 x 3.50 ... • o-ring • pipe port size

Metric O-Ring Groove Dimensions

This metric o-ring groove design reference guide will help you find the right radius, back-up, pressure and other o-ring dimensions for basic applications. Once you find the exact metric o-ring you need, you can easily order online from the world's largest o-ring inventory network. C/S.

ISO 6149 O-Ring

ISO 6149 O-Ring Metric Straight Thread Port O-Ring Specify size and compound (for option compound only) Example: M-12 ISO O-RING (standard NBR) M-12 ISO VITON O-RING (optional FKM) * M30X2 is not a standard ISO 6149 size. ** NBR is the standard compound — 90-durometer peroxide-cured Nitrile.

Industrial Seals, O-rings, Gaskets, New Jersey, North ...

squeeze on O-Ring cross section, —+ Maximum groove depth can vary from Nominal (.006") —Y Maximum distortion and flex between sealing surfaces —¥ total squeeze reduction (.006" + .007") Calculate minimum squeeze needed on O-Ring. Use value from step 1 multiplied by (.013 x 4) ã safety factor of 4. Calculate cross section for O-Ring to

O-Ring Groove Design Guides | Engineering Quick Reference

O-Ring Groove Design Guides Expert Application Engineering Assistance . O-ring groove design guides offer default dimensional guidance on the most basic o-ring groove design applications. The best o-rings are useless without the right groove design which becomes increasingly important the more demanding the application environment.


1300 792 600 Groove Dimension for O-Rings Tolerances: b + 0,2, t + 0,05 Groove Dimensions Recommended Thickness of Back-up Ring = H O-Ring Cord Diameter o d 2 up to 1,6 up to 3,5 up to 6 up to 10 Back-up Ring Height - H 1 1,5 2 2,5

Metric O-Rings | Zatkoff

Part Number Name Description; ORM0030-00249 FPM-75: METRIC O-RING .30 MM X 2.49 MM FPM 75: METRIC O-RING .30 W MM X 2.49 ID MM FPM 75: ORM0030-00249 NBR-70

O-Ring Cross Section & O-Ring Groove Design Data

O-Ring cross section and o-ring groove design data from ROW, Inc. manufacturers of encapsulated o-rings and industrial gaskets

O-Ring Groove Design - Daemar Inc

Total indicator reading between groove and adjacent bearing surface. All surfaces and corners must be free of tool marks and scratches. O-Ring groove and dimensions may be calculated as follows (please refer to chart above) Given: Example.

Understanding O-ring Sizes and Tolerances

Two dimensions describe the size of an O-ring: its inside diameter (ID) and its cross-sectional ... Metric Sizes Standard metric sizes for O-rings are defined by International Standard ISO 3601-1:2002: ... tend to slide and roll in a groove. This can lead to leaks caused by spiral failure of the O-ring.

'O' Ring Guide - James Walker

2) For aerospace equipment, select 'O' ring from Aerospace Sizes to BS ISO 3601-1, pages 17-20. 3) For general metric equipment, select 'O' ring from Chart 72, pages 21-22. 4) If the metric size you require is not available from Chart 72, then select from the metric columns in Chart 50, pages 13-16. 5) For general inch sizes, use Chart ...

O-Ring Brochure - Hi-Tech Seals Inc.

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specifying O-ring and groove dimensions for static applications with pressures less than 1500 psi. The guidelines are for the nominal condition. The minimum and maximum conditions should also be checked. This requires looking at the dimensionally largest possible O-ring in the smallest possible groove …