CONSTED is a leading and pioneering enterprise with the most advanced international level in R&D, manufacturing and selling of large-scale crushing & screening plants , industrial milling equipments and beneficiation plants.

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Hot Mix Asphalt - Lehigh Hanson, Inc.

Specialty Products. A number of innovative asphalt products are emerging to meeting evolving needs. One such new material is epoxy asphalt, which offers greater durability than conventional asphalt for use on bridge decks and other high performance applications.

Products – CCA - California Commercial Asphalt

Products. California Commercial Asphalt produces a wide array of HMA products to meet your needs. Our materials include everything from rubberized, conventional and warm mix asphalt to coated chips, emulsion and GuardTop sealcoat. Specialty products include porous asphalt and high RAP mixes. Emulsion products include SS-1H, CQS and latex slurrys.

Built-Up Roofing Asphalt | Trumbull Asphalt

Since 1921, Trumbull Asphalt has been producing built up roofing asphalt (BURA), shingle sealants, paving asphalt and other specialty asphalt products. About Trumbull No other company in the asphalt industry brings as much innovation and experience to your specialty projects as Trumbull Asphalt.

Asphalt Extraction | Reliance Specialty Products

Reliance Specialty Products specifically developed and formulated EnTron™-AE to exacting standards for asphalt extraction applications. EnTron™-AE is approved for us in accordance with the following ASTM and AASHTO specifications and test methods: ASTM D6368: Standard Specification for Vapor-Degreasing Solvents Based on normal-Propyl ...

Asphalts - Atlas Minerals & Chemicals

Custom-packaging equipment for drum packaging, ingot casting for filled products. Rail or truck delivery is available. A variety of base fluxes, resins, modifiers, waxes and fillers provides Atlas with the ability to custom-oxidize and blend highly specialized asphalt-based products for our customers' needs.

Industrial and Specialty Asphalts | Trumbull Asphalt

Since 1921, Trumbull Asphalt has been producing built up roofing asphalt (BURA), shingle sealants, paving asphalt and other specialty asphalt products. About Trumbull No other company in the asphalt industry brings as much innovation and experience to your specialty projects as Trumbull Asphalt.

Sealcoating Products - SealMaster

Whether you are in need of a driveway sealer or sealcoating materials for parking lots, SealMaster will exceed your requirements. From roads and streets to all other types of asphalt and blacktop paving, SealMaster is the #1 Name in Pavement Sealer and Asphalt Sealer. Call (800) 395-7325 for the SealMaster nearest you!

Products & Services | Rogers Group

Specialty Products Our stone is the foundation of everything we do. From agricultural lime to manufactured sands, our specialty products can be found on farms, golf courses, horse racing tracks, arenas, and more.

Asphalt Repair Products -

US SPECIALTY COATINGS formulates and manufactures several different types of Asphalt repair coatings / paints / sealers / pothole repair products to rejuvenate, beautify and protect.. DuraPave - Fast cure, permanent asphalt repair pot hole repair product. Formulated to instantly activate cure and hardens with water to form a very strong, extremely durable, permanent asphalt repair.

Walker Aggregates - Quality Stone Since 1887

Choose a Region View Specialty Products Trusted suppliers of quality concrete and asphalt to meet industry demands. Innovative concrete mixes customized for your …

HollyFrontier Corporation - Operations - Products

An independent petroleum refiner in the United States with operations throughout the mid-continent, southwestern and Rocky Mountain regions. Subsidiaries of HollyFrontier produce and market gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt, heavy products and specialty lubricant products. Additionally, HollyFrontier owns Petro-Canada Lubricants Inc. whose Mississauga, Ontario facility produces 15,600 ...

Products – Martin Companies

Martin Asphalt Makes It Easy. PG asphalt, tack emulsions, asphalt emulsions for cold mix, asphalt materials for dust control and priming pavements, roofing asphalts, asphalts for flooring and other specialty applications. Through Martin Asphalt, you get Everything Asphalt—a full range of products. In addition, you receive technical assistance ...

Asphalt - GCC

As a vertically integrated supplier of aggregates, GCC controls the material's quality. This opens in a new window. GCC's Soledad Canyon project required more than 25,000 tons of asphalt material. I-10 Connect's multi-year project required more than 100,000 tons of asphalt material, as well as aggregates and concrete paving.

Cadillac Asphalt

Specialty Projects. Cadillac Asphalt has provided asphalt maintenance for commercial and industrial projects both large and small for over 50 years. Our skilled professionals are experts in all areas of commercial and industrial paving, including asphalt patching, resurfacing, or new construction. Cadillac Asphalt's experienced and ...

Boral Asphalt - Specialty Products - The Australian Made ...

Boral Asphalt - Specialty Products is part of Boral Australia, an Australian-owned business servicing the asphalt industry and public sector, distributing our products Australia-wide. We offer quality products that preserve and repair potholes, pavements, driveways and major roads.

Type of Asphalt Roofing Shingles | CertainTeed

Due to modern engineering techniques and the dynamic properties of asphalt, manufacturers are capable of producing numerous specialty products that exist across all shingle types. These include shingles that fight algae growth, offer enhanced resistance to damaging hail, and offer cool roof color technologies that reflect the heat of the sun ...


Products. Specialty Construction Supply carries the highest quality products for all of your construction needs. The products we carry include geotextile fabrics, general tools, personal protection equipment (PPE), as well as concrete tools and materials. You can navigate by …

Specialty Cleaners SUPERCO Specialty Products provides ...

For maximum cost efficiency, use Superco Specialty Products in conjunction with a Knight Mixing Station. Many of our most popular products are highly dilutable. Proper dilution of chemicals leads to increased savings and lower operating expenses. Many budget overruns are due to improper use of maintenance products.

Products – McAsphalt

Products. From innovative warm-mix products to asphalt cements, asphalt emulsions, sealants, membranes and specialty asphalts, trust McAsphalt to give you the right mix, whatever your needs, every time. For extra performance, our MCA Advantage product line offers the ultimate customized solution for your unique design criteria.

Products & Services - Edw. C. Levy Co.

Specialty Products. Levy develops and markets specialty products from the steel industry (ladle slags, refractory bricks, castable materials and PureStone) and supplies Duraberm, VitraSpar, CemStar, LevyLite and other environmentally beneficial materials to …

Speciality Plants/Asphalt Terminals - Astec

ASTEC provides equipment and services for bulk storage and modified asphalt systems. We are in the unique position of being able to provide all the components of building an asphalt terminal or asphalt blending system, including design, engineering, equipment manufacturing, controls, installation and …

Asphalt Materials, Inc. hiring Specialty Products Area ...

Asphalt Materials, Inc. is looking for a Specialty Products Area Manager who can commercialize the proven Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane product known as J-Band.

Asphalt coating sealer white green color ... - USSC Products

The average albedo of asphalt is 5%! 95% of the Solar radiation falling on asphalt gets absorbed or re-radiated in wavelengths that are trapped by greenhouse gases. 5% gets reflected back into space. When Sunlight falls on to snow or a WHITE reflective surface 15% or less is absorbed, 85% or more gets reflected back into space at the same ...

Rick - Executive Vice President & President Asphalt ...

- Developed and created markets for specialty asphalt and emulsion products - Managed Supply and Transportation group with a 1000 railcar fleet Vice President, Asphalt Operations

About - Asphalt Products

With ALCM specialized in making premium aluminum coatings and cements, this purchase gave FBC and Asphalt Products even more product diversity and greater purchasing power to help drive our costs down and keep our prices competitive. Our goal continues to be maintaining and building upon long-lasting relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Specialty Products | CRAFCO

Specialty Products » Specialty Products ... Crafco is the world's leading manufacturer in quantity and diversity of packaged pavement preservation products for asphalt and concrete such as hot-applied crack sealants, silicone joint sealants, hot-applied mastics, and cold-mix for pavement surface patching and repair. Crafco is the only ...

Specialty Products Archives - Asphalt Materials, Inc.

J-Band, which is a Void Reducing Asphalt Membrane (VRAM) was measured at 280F after the distributor applied. In total, 7,124 ft and 10,330 lbs. were applied for a total yield of 1.45 lbs./ft. Images of the project can be found below.

O&G: Specialty Products

SPECIALTY PRODUCT ORDERING & DELIVERIES: (203) 263-2195. O&G has the capability to blend specialty products that meet any need or specification through our network of six quarries, eight concrete plants and nine asphalt plants located throughout Connecticut and Eastern New York.

Ergon, Inc.

Asphalt & Emulsions; Production, marketing and distribution of neat paving asphalt, polymer modified asphalt, asphalt emulsions, specialty coatings, sealants and other road construction and …

Asphalt Specialties Co., Inc. - Home

Asphalt Specialties Company, Inc. is a Colorado family owned heavy highway contractor. We are proud to be entering our 29th year of business. We specialize in asphalt paving, patching, and milling services as well as earthwork and grading services. We also provide material sales …

Specialty Products | Asphalt, Propane & More | Valero

Valero produces natural gas liquids (NGL) products at each refinery location. Products include propane, normal butane, refinery-grade butane, isobutane and propylene. The NGL Trading group markets and supplies these products for Valero's refining system. SDS US - 303-GHS - Butane 5-14.

Asphalt - Meyer Lab

Our Specialized Asphalt Products. Slider/Ultra Slider. Water-based slip coating formulated for use on asphalt hauling trucks and other asphalt handling equipment. Economical and highly concentrated formula provides anti-stick coating to walls, floors and tailgates of truck beds to …

Asphalts - Specialty Products Manufacturer | Calumet

Asphalts. Asphalt is used in road construction and roofing application as well as a wide range of specialty products. Calumet produces asphalt at three refineries, Princeton, LA, Shreveport, LA and Great Falls, MT. Our Princeton refinery produces materials used in the roofing industry, primarily coating asphalt used in the manufacture of shingles.