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National List of Essential Medicines of India 2011

A total of 348 medicines (excluding repetitions) are present in NLEM 2011. In the NLEM 2011, 181 medicines fall under the category of P, S and T, 106 medicines fall under the category of S, T while 61 medicines are categorized as T only. In comparison to NLEM 2003, number of medicines deleted is 47 and 43 medicines have been added.

ISSN (Print): 2320-9828 What pressure driven membrane ...

2011 122 108 23.70 2012 120 106 22.90 2013 120 105 21.30 2014 120 99 17.80 2015 117 93 29.00 2016 118 97 28.50 2017 119 100 31.40 2018 119 103 31.10 . Although India is holding prominent position in the world regarding production of millets, milk, rice, wheat,

Water Use in Indian Industry Survey results

Water Risk in Indian Industry Survey Page 2 Water use across various sectors in India is on the rise. Various estimates and projections indicate an increasing trend in water demand for agriculture, industrial and domestic uses in the coming decades. India is also projected to move into the category of water stressed nation by 2020.

Causes of failure and abandonment of projects and project ...

3. Failure in the Telecommunications Industry in South Africa[4] 4. Microsoft's Digital Villages[6] 5. Failure of Completed Water Projects[8] 6. Money 'wasted' on water projects in Africa[10] 7. "Unacceptable and Irresponsible Failures in the number of African Renewable Energy Projects" – Rod Cargill [11] 8.

Salt Industry In India - TNSALT Corporation

Salt Commissioners Organisation plays a facilitating role in overall growth and development of Salt Industry in the country. Top 5 Largest Salt Production States of India: India is the third largest producer of salt in the world, Major salt producing states of India are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and ...

Towards universal salt iodisation in India: Achievements ...

India is one of the first countries to introduce salt iodisation, but the national programme has experienced major setbacks. The purpose of this paper is to review the national efforts towards ...

Smart border management: Indian coastal and maritime security

boundary arbitration between Bangladesh and India' case in favour of Bangladesh. Gulf of Kutch The Great Rann of Kutch is a seasonal salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat, India, and the Sindh province of Pakistan. Sir Creek is a 96-km tidal estuary on the border of India and Pakistan. The dispute lies

The Nutraceuticals Market Opportunity

2011. A sweeping update to existing food safety laws more than 70 years in the making, it represented a major shift from responding to contamination in the food supply to preventing it. Under FSMA, food manufacturers must evaluate potential safety hazards, identify and implement prevention steps,

Fragrances & Flavors Industry in India Opportunities ...

of the Indian perfumery industry and where India enjoyed complete monopoly. Interestingly India which was once a world leader of the fragrance industry is today one of the world‟s largest consumers of foreign fragrances and fragranced products. The rapid advancements made by the European industry in …

2011-DGAD Government of India Department of Commerce ...

File No. 14/3/2011-DGAD Government of India Department of Commerce . Ministry of Commerce & Industry . Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties . Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi . Dated the 10 th February, 2012 . INITIATION NOTIFICATION. Subject: Initiation of Anti-Dumping Duty investigation concerning imports

Chapter 1 Introduction to Wastewater Management

1-3 Introduction to Wastewater Management Wastewater 101 OverviewT he section provides an overview of wastewater treatment and is intended to provide a brief

Waste/By-Product Hydrogen - Energy

hydrogen production ‐‐is vented by chlor‐alkali industry Potential electricity if vented H2 were used in fuel cells: 420 MWe (assuming 50 % conversion efficiency) Approximately70 percent of the United States chlor‐alkali production capacity is in the Gulf Coast region.

Indian Chemical industry 13-14% in the last 5 years 8-9% ...

Indian Chemical industry . Growth of Chemical Industry . The chemical sector has witnessed growth of 13-14% in the last 5 years while petrochemicals have registered a growth of 8-9% over the same period. The major growth drivers, behind India's chemical industry could be listed as follows:

Indian Salt Industry, Salt Production, India Salt Industry ...

Salt production of India is 18 to 20 million tons per annum and India is the third largest salt manufacturer of the World, after China & USA. Out of this about 3.5 million tons salt is washed in mechanized washing plants and up graded to international standard having purity 99.5% for Chlor-Alkali industry.

"Vision 2030" Natural Gas Infrastructure in India Report ...

The PNGRB in its meeting on 22nd November 2011 decided to form a Industry-group for formulating a Vision 2030 - Natural Gas Infrastructure in India and nominated the companies listed below on the committee. The key terms for the group included projecting the infrastructure required for development of

Foods & Beverages INDIA

Foods & Beverages | India Manish Jain Nomura 4 21 February 2011 Drilling down Industry snapshot Fast moving consumer good (FMCG) sector growth to be led by food… Exhibit 1. FMCG industry: food sector leads growth Segment Size CY06 (Rs bn) Size CY10E (Rs bn) CAGR (%) Food 299.1 596.4 18.8 HPC 292.3 488.9 13.7 Others 139.3 213.2 11.2

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in India

2001 and 2011, as found in Census of India 2001 and Census of India 2011. In case a sub-group of the population is considered (for example, population aged 5-19 considered under Target 4.1), the CAGR of that sub-group of the population is considered to make projections. Wholesale Price Index has been used to adjust finances for inflation. ...


Established in 1892 in the city of Kolkata in eastern India, Britannia's tea-time biscuits were known to generations of Indian consumers. By 2011, the company had revenues of $850 million and net profit of $24 million (see Exhibit 2). The firm was the largest producer of bakery products in India, with about a

Salt Statistics and Information - USGS

Salt, also known as sodium chloride, has many end uses. Virtually every person in the world has some direct or indirect contact with salt daily. People routinely add salt to their food as a flavor enhancer or apply rock salt to walkways to remove ice in the winter. Salt is used as feedstock for chlorine and caustic soda manufacture; these two inorganic chemicals are used to

Online Education in India -

Industry overview: • Reskilling and online ... India, which is expected to grow from the current base of 1.57 million users to 9.5 million users in 2021 at a CAGR of 44%. The growth of online education in India will be driven by a combination of demand, supply and macroeconomic drivers as indicated below.


NASSCOM is the premier trade body as well as the Chamber of Commerce of the IT-BPM sector in India. It is a not-for-profit organisation and has emerged as the authentic voice of this industry in India. It is also the single reference point for all information on IT industry in India.

BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS List of IS No. Covered Under ...

date : 20/12/2011 s nois no comm no. title no. of lic leather pump buckets and seat valves made from vegetable 1 tanned leather - 106is 1015 : 2000 chd 17 107is 1030 : 1998 mtd 17carbon steel castings for general engineering purposes 1 108is 1038 : 1983 ced 11steel doors, windows and ventilators 31 109is 1051 : 1980 fad 1pyrethrum extracts 4 110is 1061 : 1997 chd 25disinfectant fluids ...

Indian Food & Beverage Sector - Grant Thornton

India, as well as all other stakeholders in this regard. The National Committee has laid out a clear 12 point action plan for the current year. 1. Government Interface: •Facilitate effective voicing of industry's view on issues faced by the industry in all Government / Semi-Government / Consumer bodies and international forums.

Rural Marketing in India: Prospects and Challenges

To study the rural market of India. To identify the opportunities available. To evaluate the major challenges. Introduction The rural market of India started showing its potential growth in 1960's, the 70's and 80's witnessed its steady development and current …


2011 to 3.59 billion metric tons. Growth was achieved by demand among developing and transitional economies in Asia. These gains were partially offset by moderate declines in consumption among developed economies such as China which accounts for more than 59% of world consumption. India accounts another 7% of world cement consumption.

Food Fortification as a Strategy for ... - ILSI India

This can be a challenge, especially in countries with large rural populations, a small food industry with limited technology, and limited access and low consumption of processed foods. A food fortification vehicle should be chosen based on key factors, including consumption patterns, marketing and distribution data, and economic and technical ...

Global Salt - Industry Market Research - Market Size ...

Historical data for 2008, 2013, and 2018 and forecasts for 2023 are disclosed in metric tons, by market (chemical processing, road deicing, food processing, and livestock) and production method. Data are also provided in US dollar terms for salt demand by market.

India Pharma Inc.: Capitalising on India's Growth Potential

Pharmaceutical industry over the next decade.(2) In this report, we will look at the domestic Indian Pharma market, and the opportunities it holds. The huge potential of the Indian pharmaceutical industry is impossible for global Pharma companies to ignore, given that India will be one of the top 10 sales markets in the world by 2020.

Future of India: The Winning Leap

Future of India3 A young India, with a large digitally enabled middle class is asking for growth and change. Without building the skills and capabilities necessary to drive innovation, the nation risks stagnation. However, if India can create capabilities for growth and new solutions, the opportunities, both at home and abroad, are limitless.

The Pharmaceutical Industry in Figures - EFPIA

EFPIA Key Data | 2018 4 64.1% 9.2% 7.1% and United Kingdom 18.1% Pharmerging Japan Europe (Top 5) Rest of the World USA 1.5% MAIN TRENDS The research-based pharmaceutical industry can play a critical role in restoring Europe to growth and

A4 Report Template

insurance industry to continue outpacing the rapid economic growth. The insurance industry will be ~US $350–400 billion in premium income by 2020, making India a top 3 life insurance market and a top 15 non–life insurance market by 2020. Insurers and Regulator / Government Will Have to Work in Tandem to Ensure

An overview of Indian alcohol industry

The Indian alcohol industry is a high-risk industry, on account of the high taxes and innumerable regulations governing it. The international liquor industry, the Indian one too has seen players with strong brands; diversified portfolios and large operations achieve market leadership positions. The Indian liquor industry comprises the IMFL,

India's IT/ITeS Industry: The Next Phase Non-linear Growth ...

India faces a 3-fold shortage in teachers – technology can address this through remote solutions (e.g., virtual classrooms, recorded lectures by senior faculty, modular multimedia content) Public services India suffers from a leakage of 40-50% in public food distribution – technology can ensure transparency 22 …