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MOT Type 1 Aggregate - Bromfield Sand & Gravel

MOT Type 1 Aggregate. MOT Type 1 is a 40mm down to dust certified (BSEN 13285 :2002)hardstone dolertite. It can be used for hard standings, sub-bases, paths and drives. They can also be used on lanes and are especially effective in areas where pot-holes are problematic. It has good self-draining properties and can be rolled or compressed to ...

Aggregates Calculator - Brett

Our Aggregates Calculator will help you determine the quantity of aggregates you need for your project. Please enter the Width, Length and Depth of the area, then click on the Calculate button. Single Sized Aggregates 20mm Ballast Sharp Washed Sand (SWS) Building Sand Slag Type 1 Sub-base Limestone Type 1 Sub-base Granite Type 1 Sub-base ...

Weight Conversion Tables - Gravel | Suppliers

Dry sand coarse 1.6 tonnes per cubic metre Topsoil (some moisture) 1.44 tonnes per cubic metre Ballast 1.76 tonnes per cubic metre Gravel MOT Type 1 scalpings 1.92 tonnes per cubic metre Shingle 1.62 tonnes per cubic metre Cement 50 & 25 kg bags Stiff clay 1.6 tonnes per cubic metre . Limestone Dust. 2.1 tonnes per cubic metre

Tonnage Calculator - Robinson Quarry Masters Limited

Tonnage calculator. Use our calculator to estimate how much you need. Simply enter in the dimensions of the area you need to fill and hit calculate. You can then enter your details to get a quotation by email - or if you are in a real hurry just give us a …

Type 1 Sub Base Clause 803 | Tarmac

MOT Type 1 otherwise known as DOT Type 1 is the most commonly used DfT approved sub-base in the construction sector. Named after the DfT specification for granular sub-base it must comply with the Specification for Highway Works, clause 803 (SHW 803). Made from crushed rock or recycled aggregate.

Calculators | Pavingexpert

There are dozens of handy little calculators dotted throughout the site, from working out how much sand and cement is required to how many flags are needed to cover a given area. ... Estimate volumes of aggregates and cement needed to mix a C7.5 equivalent concrete as used for bedding kerbs and edgings. Appears on: Laying Edgins ; C20 Concrete ...

MOT Type 1 Roadstone | Selco

MOT Type 1 Roadstone. This construction aggregate is regionally sourced; prices, sizes and colour may vary. Prices from. £33.25 Ex VAT £39.90 Inc VAT. Region. Please Select Bristol Branches Cardiff Branches Hampshire Branches Liverpool Branch London Branches Midland Branches Northern Branches Swansea Branch. Log in to buy.

Sub-bases | Pavingexpert

Compacted Type 1 limestone . The content previously provided here, looking at the various unbound sub-base aggregates, including DTp1, DTp2, DTp3, DTp4 and their Irish equivalents (803,804, Type C and 807) have been moved to a separate page to enable expanded coverage. Unbound Aggregates for Sub-Bases

Primary Aggregates, Asphalt, Waste Removal & Recycling

We supply fully compliant Primary and Recycled Aggregates to meet the The Highways Agency specification for Highway Works and all related British Standards specifications. Call us on 0203 696 8130 to discuss your requirements. Muck Away. We provide a full range of waste solutions including inert Muck Away, Non-Hazardous and Hazardous Muck Away.

Type 1 MOT | 0-40mm - Crusher Run | Building Materials ...

Type 1 MOT 0-40mm (Hardcore) Our Type 1 MOT (Crusher Run/Hardcore) sub-base material is ideal for base layers for driveways, roads, footpaths or any application where a compacted base is required. Complies with Highways Standards.

Aggregate Calculator - Myers Building Supplies

Aggregate Calculator. Aggregate Type. 10 / 20mm Gravel Sand Ballast MOT Type 1 Slate Chippings. Metres Centimetres Feet Yards. Metres Centimetres Feet Yards. Millimetres Centimetres Inch Feet. Results. Please note these figures are a guide and offer no guarantee that the quantity specified be enough for your project.

Type 1 MOT Limestone - Ashville Aggregates Supplier

It is an aggregate made from crushed limestone and is a highly cost-effective and popular aggregate given the ease to manufacture in comparison to some other aggregates we supply. Unlike other Type 1 aggregates such as Type 1 Recycled Crushed Concrete and Type 1 Granite, MOT produces less fines and is a favourite of many engineers.

Gravel Calculator - Gravelmaster

Our gravel calculator can be used for most gravel and aggregates featured on our website. Do you need assistance? If you are ordering a large amount of gravel, aggregate or slate maybe you would like to discuss it with us on 0330 058 5068, as there may be transport savings to be made on orders over 15 bulk bags, or on a loose tipped load of 20 ...

Aggregate Calculator | Hinton's Waste

Get in touch with us today for more information about the aggregates we supply and other services we offer, including: skip hire, grab hire, waste clearance and other waste management solutions. Order now on 0208 684 0401. Aggregate Calculator Ballast Building Sand / Soft Sand Gravel / Stones Hardcore Shingle Stone Topsoil Type 1 MOT.

Bulk Aggregates Order Quantity Calculator | Aggregates Direct

If you are unsure how much aggregate you need, use our calculator below. Select your aggregate type, then enter your measurements below. You will need: 18.7 tonnes of this aggregate type. You will need: 24.93 bulk bags of this aggregate type. You will need: 935.00 mini bags of this aggregate type.

MOT Type 1 at The Sand & Gravel Company

Product Details. Product MOT Type 1. Size N/A. Bag Size 850kg Bulk bags - 23kg pre-packed bags. Colour Mixture of browns and greys. Usage Sub-base. Coverage at a depth of 100mm 10 Small Bags (23kg each) covers: 1.00m 2 1 Bulk Bag (850kg) covers: 3.70m 2. Delivery All products are delivered on pallets unless otherwise stated or special delivery has been requested.. Prices includes Delivery.

MOT Type 1 in Watford, Enfield & Hertfordshire | Aggregate ...

MOT Type 1. MOT Type 1 is a granular sub-base material approved by the Department of Transport. Give us a call on 0800 808 5721 to order your MOT Type 1 today. It's made up of crushed concrete and hardcore, and is ideal for compacting to create a sturdy and suitable base for heavy traffic and the construction of: Highway works.

MOT Type 1 - Premier Gravel Direct

Additional information. 40 mm down to dust crushed limestone stone when compacted gives a solid foundation for you to lay your paving upon. Crushed stone is sold as hardcore aggregate is classed as MOT type 1. Which means that it is approved for use by the Ministry of Transport for the construction of public highway roads and pavements. Sub-Base.

Aggregates Sand and Gravel Know How & Calculator | Buildbase

At Buildbase we have a wide variety of loose aggregates to choose from. These aggregates, such as MOT type 1, ballast, gravel, or shingle and building sand are sold from our aggregate bays at our branches by the scoop and are then loaded into your vehicle using our mini dumper.

Our Aggregates Calculator helps you work out how much ...

Aggregates Calculator. If you are unsure how much aggregate you need, use our calculator below. Select your aggregate type, then enter your measurements and the calculator will give you an approximation of how much material you will need.*. Contact one of our team on 0203 696 8130 to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Aggregate Calculator - Cemgate Aggregate Calculator

Please note that tonnage calculated by the aggregate calculator is approximate. We recommend that all measurements and calculations are checked by the contractor on site before placing an order. If you would like to talk to someone about your aggregate requirements please call us …

Aggregates - Mick George - Construction Industry Leaders

Loose Aggregate Calculator The calculator is intended to give a rough guide of the material needed Material Type 1 MOT Granite Topsoil Sharp Sand Washed Building Sand 50mm Clean Limestone 50mm Down Limestone 4-20mm Graded Gravel 50mm Cambs Spec Limestone Ballast 4-10mm Graded Gravel …

Working Out Material Volumes | Materials Volume Calculator ...

The calculator below can be used to work out the volume once you have the three dimensions required. Please use the Gravel calculations below when requiring MOT type 1 scalpings. These calculations are based on the values given in this table

5 Handy Calculators To Help You Install Artificial Grass

Calculating the necessary materials can be a difficult task, but to make your life easier, below you will find 5 handy calculators that will help you calculate the qualities of everything that you'll need. Please remember that these calculators are intended as a guide only. 1. Weed Membrane Calculator. A weed membrane is used to prevent weed ...

MOT Type 1 Sub-Base | Stone Warehouse

MOT Type 1 is a sub base material, also known as Ministry of Transport Limestone, from it's use for public highways. A perfect option for filling in holes to prepare for laying building foundations, creating a garden pond, or for ground preparation for a foot path or driveway, this Type 1 material is graded from dust, to 20 millimetres pieces and can help to maintain drainage, without washing ...

Amazon Web Services - Aggregates Calculator

Aggregates Calculator. Aggregate. Select aggregate Gravels (10/20/40mm) Sharp and Building Sands Screened Topsoil Crushed Concrete/ 6F2 Tarmac Planings Type 1 MOT. -->. Granites & Limestone. Length. mm inches metres feet yards. Width.

Type 1 - Brett

Opti-Blend™ and Opti-Mix™ Sub-base is a Brett Aggregates recycled Type 1 product. It is made up of recycled material and is fully compliant with the Specification of Highways Works, Clause 803. Opti-Blend™ provides a construction platform for further work to be carried out: trafficking and subsequent layers.

Aggregates Calculator | JW Clark Ltd

Aggregates Calculator, Order on-line. Calculate and Order Online. Simple Ordering. You can calculate & order a tonne or a jumbo bag of something, or 20 or 100 tonnes. Serving homeowners and small building companies to large-scale development and civils companies. Pay for the Lorry you need & …

MOT Type 1 - Crushed Concrete Aggregate - Loose & Bagged ...

MOT Type 1 - Crushed Concrete is literally crushed concrete, meeting the requirement of the Department of Transport Specification for Highway Works, Clause 803. The "SHW". Type 1 can also be constructed of other hard inert materials, slag or rocks, such as Limestone, Granite or Gritsone.

Aggregate Calculator | Cloburn - Europe's Premier Red ...

Cloburn – The Home of Lanark Red Granite. Un-compacted Cloburn aggregates weigh 1.4 tonnes per cubic metre. Therefore if you wish to apply them at a 50mm depth (the normal depth for a driveway) one tonne will cover 14 square metres. For pedestrian pathways, 35mm is normally sufficient in which case 1 tonne will be sufficient to cover ...

AGGREGATE CALCULATOR [How Much Aggregate Do I Need ...

Aggregate calculator formula. The calculator first works out the area and volume of the space using the measurements you provide. In addition, it calculates the total weight if you know the density of the crushed material. It calculates these values using the formulae:

Type 1 Recycled Crushed Concrete - Ashville Aggregates

This aggregate is larger in size than our other Type 1 MOT aggregates. It compacts down into a hardwearing surface and we screen the material thoroughly to remove dust and fines avoiding the risk of any lockage to drainage.

Hardcore/Type1 Calculator - Sand and Gravel Direct Ltd

MOT Type 1; Type 1 Blended; Type 1 Fully Certified; Type 1 Graded; Landscapes. Barks; Decorative Aggregates; Gabion, Pebbles, Rockery & Paddlestones ... Permeable Paving; Rubber Chip; Sports Sand; Concrete; Services; Calculator. Sand and Gravel Calculator; Patio Calculator; Screed Calculator; Driveway/Shed Base Calculator; Concrete Calculator ...