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Spreader Settings | Jonathan Green

The spreader settings given are approximate. Spreader condition, rate of walk, and humidity are just some of the variables that can affect the rate of application. Please refer to the product label, or on the package, for further details, along with application rates and precautionary statements.

Lawn Spreader Settings - Lawn Care - Westland Garden …

To Use: Measure area to treat and weigh out correct amount of product. Set aperture to 0 and fill on a level surface – not on a lawn or cultivated area. Select appropriate …

Lesco Spreader Conversion Settings For Scotts Products

Lawn Spreader Settings Lawn Care Westland care products with a lawn spreader This guide will tell you which settings to use to apply at the correct rate Running Scotts in Lesco spreader gt gt LawnSite

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Product Links → https:// explains how he decides lawn spreader settings for new products. Lawn spreaders have num...

Spreader Settings: What You Should Know | Bioadvanced

Recommended spreader settings are usually listed on the product package. Different types and models of spreaders apply granular lawn fertilizers and pest control products at different rates. This is a function of spreader design as well as the granule size and consistency of the product you are applying. Your spreader is NOT listed on the package?

What Type of Lawn Spreader to Use and How to Correctly Set ...

We have spreader settings for a number of popular spreaders on our website. If your spreader isn't listed, it'll only a few minutes using six easy steps, to calibrate your spreader. Your target is to cover approximately 500 sq ft of lawn with 8 …

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Scotts 25 lbs. 10,000 sq. ft. Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader for Seed and Fertilizer

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A To Lawn Spreader Settings Love The site Is The Largest And Most Active Forum Serving Green Industry Professionals.

Spreader Tool | Scotts

Enter the 12-digit barcode number of the Lawn Product being applied. Your Spreader Settings. Use the top dropdown to choose your spreader model then in the lower input area type in the 12-digit barcode UPC (Universal Product Code) for the product you wish to apply.

Scotts Spreader Settings 101 – Complete Guide | GreenGardenist

Spreader Settings for 10-10-10, 13-13-13, and Lesco Fertilizer. The setting for application of these fertilizers should be similar to the setting for lime application. Herein, the rules are not universal, and you should always check the fertilizer manufacturer's manual before adjusting the setting.


The following settings can be used to apply products not found in the application chart. These are general information settings intended to be used as references. Fertilizer Pounds Per 1000 sq. Ft. 2.5 3 3.5 4 Setting Drop Spreaders 3.5 4 4.5 5 Insecticide (Diazinon) 2 Setting Drop 3 Grass Seed Blue Grass Bent Grass Fine Mixture Coarse Seed ...

What Do The Settings On A Scotts Spreader Mean?

With a handheld broadcast spreader, Scotts recommends a setting of 4 when overseeding or seeding a new lawn but suggests that the sower make two perpendicular passes for new areas. For drop spreaders, use a setting of 8 1/2 for overseeding and a bare-lawn setting of 12 1/2.

How to determine your spreader setting? | Jonathan Green

Find Your Spread Setting: Check out our easy Spreader Settings Guide to help determine the correct setting for your product and spreader.. Once in the guide find the specific product you're looking to apply to your lawn. Click the link and scroll down to the Spreader Settings section of the drop down.

drop spreader settings... (grass, blooming, cover, seed ...

Lesco Spreader Settings - Fall Lawn Fertilizer, Garden, 4 replies Alternatives to Scott's Hand Held Spreader, Garden, 6 replies Level Spreader in backyard, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, 6 replies The Obama Administration is like a "manure spreader in a windstorm"..., Politics and Other Controversies, 17 replies

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The Wizz holds up to 2,500 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn care products and features Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard and HandyLock Technology. Use it year round to feed, seed, and weed! EdgeGuard Technology allows for 5-foot broadcast control. Our most advanced spreader yet, powered by 4 AA batteries with 23 settings for unbeatable accuracy.

SPREADER- SETTING GUIDE - Zamzows Lawn, Garden, & Pet

SPREADER-SETTING GUIDE STEP APPLY IN PRODUCT SPREADER SETTINGS MAR ZAMZOWS LAWN FOOD Apply full rate: 25 lb. bag per 2,500 sq. ft. 10 Zamzows Broadcast 6.5 Scotts ® SpeedyGreen Broadcast Spreader 12.5 Scotts AccuGreen ® Drop Spreader MAY ZAMZOWS LAWN FOOD Apply half rate: 25 lb. bag per 5,000 sq. ft. 7 Zamzows Broadcast 4.5 Scotts SpeedyGreen ...


The following settings can be used to apply products not found in the application chart. These are general information settings intended to be used as references. Fertilizer Pounds Per 1000 sq. Ft. 2.5 3 3.5 4 Setting Broadcast Spreaders 4 5 5.5 6 Insecticide (Diazinon) 2 Setting Broadcast 3.5 Grass Seed Blue Grass Bent Grass Fine Mixture ...

Determining Spreader Settings - SiteOne

Determining Spreader Settings. Improper spreader settings may result in uneven fertilization, turf injury, inadequate pest control, and a waste of time and money. When using a LESCO product, find the designated setting listed on the bag and then cross reference that number to your particular spreader type using the charts below.


SPREADER NAME 22-0-4 Crabgrass 24-0-4 Weed & Feed 12-24-6 starter 10-10-10 Lawn & Grub Control MAX LAWN Insect Control MAXLAWN 26-0-4 Turf Food 22-0-10 Winterizer ROTARY SPREADERS Notice: These are approximate settings, age and condition of spreader can affect setting - always calibrate your spreader before using.

Spreader Settings - Natural Alternative Organic Lawn Care ...

These spreader settings are approximate. If your spreader is not listed above, determine if you have a rotary or drop spreader; then, looking at the dial on your spreader, check the span of numbers on the dial. ... I did cut my lawn last Saturday and got all the leaves up and early Sunday morning applied the last Winter Fertilizer. I have been ...

Generic Spreader Setting Chart - Denny McKeown's Bloomin ...

Calibrating Your Spreader. 1. Divide 100 by the square foot the bag of fertilizer covers 2. Multiply the weight of the bag by this number 3. The answer is the amount of fertilizer needed to cover 100 sq. ft. 4. Place this amount in the spreader 5. Mark off a 10 ft. x 10 ft. …

Spreader Settings for Fertilizer & Grass Seeds - Scotts

Spreader settings for Scotts® Lawn Care products can be found on the product package. You can also find spreader settings on our product information pages (Lawn Food, Grass Seed, Weed Control, and Insect, Grub & Disease Control). Spreader settings can be found on the "Details & Usage" tab on the product information pages.

Determining Spreader Settings | LESCO

Improper spreader settings can lead to a waste of time and money if too much product is used and callbacks from customers if too little product is dispersed. Starting with the appropriate setting for your specific machine will help. When using a LESCO product, find the designated setting listed on the bag and then cross reference that number to your particular spreader type using the …

What setting do you put the spreader on a lime?

To calibrate your spreader for an application of fertilizer to your lawn: Determine the amount of fertilizer needed for 100 sq. ft. Place this amount in the spreader. Mark off the area. For a rotary spreader, use a 10-foot by 10-foot area (100 sq. Apply using the suggested setting.

How to Choose and Use a Lawn Spreader

If your spreader distributed 1 pound over 200 square feet, that's equal to 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Adjust your settings and repeat, as needed, to get the application rate you desire. Using the best spreader for your lawn projects, and using it properly, help prevent product waste and disappointment.

Spreader Settings • GreenView

Product Application Rates & Spreader Settings. To determine the appropriate rate (s) of application and spreader settings for your product and spreader, please select from the options below and click "Get Spreader Settings". If your spreader is not listed for the selected product, we have provided a generic setting chart for your convenience.

Spreader Settings | Dayton Nursery

Delay or reduce July 4th application if fertilizer cannot be watered in. Amount to apply: For established lawns, apply 4 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. When building a new lawn, apply 6-8 lbs. per 1,000 ft². Work into top 2-3 inches of soil, apply seed, lightly roll and keep moist until germination. Spreader. Setting. Wards.


SPREADER SETTINGS CONVERSION 17.106468 STEPS ARE AS FOLLOWED: 1. Find the LESCO Calibration Gauge setting that is on the bag of LESCO® product 2. Find that setting on the attached conversion chart 3. Cross reference this setting over to your spreader EXAMPLE: Dimension .10% 19-0-6 has a LESCO® spreader setting of 15.

Spreader Settings -

A drop spreader tends to be more time consuming as it only covers the area directly under the spreader, leaving more passes to be made. The different types of spreaders all have different settings so the setting you use with a rotary spreader will probably not be the same on the drop spreader. Fertilizing Flowers and Garden Plants

What does the spreader have to be set at if it is a Vigoro ...

The label calls for 3 to 7 pounds per 1000 square feet. If your spreader settings go from 1 to 10 (1 letting out the least and 10 letting out the most) you typically want to be around a 3 setting. If your spreader goes from 1 to 20, you should probably be around a 6 or 7 setting.

Garden Guides | List of Fertilizer Spreader Settings

Generic spreader settings only work well as a guide because of the differences between manufacturers. Taking the time to put together your own list of spreader settings ensures even and correct coverage when you apply fertilizers, seed, or granular herbicides and pesticides to your lawn.

Lesco Starter Fertilizer Spreader Settings ...

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What are the Correct Spreader Settings? – The Lawn Care Nut

Here are some of the most common spreader settings for our various products. If you'd like to download a PDF version of the image below you can either click on the image or this link here.. If you do not see the setting you are looking for, please visit the related "How-To" article titled Calibrating Your Spreader.